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In accordance with the New Mexico Campaign Reporting Act, Sections 1-19-25 through 1-19-36 NMSA 1978, a “political committee” is defined as:

1) a political party,

2) a legislative caucus committee,

3) an association that consists of two or more persons whose primary purpose is to make contributions to candidates, campaign committees or political committees or make coordinated expenditures or any combination thereof; or

4) an association that consists of two or more persons whose primary purpose is to make independent expenditures and that has received more than five thousand dollars ($5,000) in contributions or made independent expenditures of more than five thousand dollars ($5,000) in the election cycle.

Political Committees are required to appoint and maintain a treasurer and file a statement of organization with the Office of the Secretary of State along with a filing fee of $50.00 prior to accepting contributions or making any expenditures.  Registration and payment may be completed online.  Registered PACs must continue to file regular reports by the deadlines prescribed in statute.

Entities interested in forming a political action committee (PAC) are urged to read the Campaign Reporting Act and seek the guidance of an attorney or other professional.

Political Action Committee Resources

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NM Campaign Finance Information System

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Political Action Committee Forms

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Independent Expenditures

For more information regarding Independent Expenditures, visit our Independent Expenditures page.

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