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Same Day Voter Registration FAQ

New Mexicans who are eligible to vote can register to vote or update their voter registration immediately before voting in a statewide election during Early Voting and on Election Day. This is what’s known as “same day voter registration.” 

 Who is eligible for same day voter registration (SDR)? 

 Any eligible voter in New Mexico can register to vote or update their voter registration and then vote on the same day at their County Clerk’s office or at any polling location in their county on Election Day and participating Early Voting locations.  

Where is SDR available? 

SDR is available for eligible voters at their County Clerk’s office or at any polling location in their county on Election Day. Additional Early Voting locations may also provide SDR – it’s best to check with your local county clerk. 

What do I need to bring for SDR? 

Whether you are an unregistered voter or an already registered voter looking to update your registration, in order to use SDR you’ll need to bring: 

(1) a New Mexico driver’s license or New Mexico identification card issued through the 

motor vehicle division of the taxation and revenue department; 

(2) any document that contains an address in the county together with a photo identification 

card; OR 

(3) a current valid student photo identification card from a post-secondary educational 

institution in New Mexico accompanied by a current student fee statement that contains the student’s address in the county. 

How does SDR work for decline-to-state (DTS) and minor party voters wishing to vote in the Primary Election? 

Decline-to-state voters in New Mexico are registered voters who have chosen not to affiliate with a major political party. Minor party voters are registered with political parties that do not have major party status (currently, only Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians are recognized as major parties in New Mexico). 

Only voters who are affiliated with a major party can vote in Primary Elections in New Mexico (General Elections are open to all registered voters). 

If you are registered as DTS or with a minor party you can vote in the Primary Election by going to your County Clerk’s office; any participating polling place in your county during Early Voting; or any Election Day polling location in order to update your registration to one of the major parties. You can then vote in the Primary Election for whichever major party you’ve chosen. 

Voters who utilize this option and who then wish to revert back to being DTS or registered with a minor party can update their registration online at NMVOTE.ORG after they’ve voted in the Primary Election.   

Is SDR available for voters registered with a major party? 

Major party voters may update name, address, or other contact info during SDR.  However, if you are currently registered with a major political party you cannot use SDR to switch parties during the Primary Election. 

Can I use SDR for absentee (vote by mail) voting? 

No. SDR is only available for voters voting in person, on the same day, at the same time they register to vote or update their voter registration at an in-person (Early or Election Day) polling location. 

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