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Voting System Certification Committee

Purpose of the Voting System Certification Committee

The Secretary of State is required by law to study, examine and certify all voting systems used in elections for public office in New Mexico.  Recertification of voting systems is required in the year after each presidential election.

Article 9 of the New Mexico Election Code requires that for a voting systems to be certified that it must comply with the most recent voluntary voting system guidelines adopted by the United States Election Assistance Commission and all other requirements outlined in state statute.

The Voting System Certification Committee (VSCC) was created to make recommendations to the Secretary of State regarding the suitability and reliability of the use of voting systems in the conduct of elections under the Election Code and to recommend certification to the Secretary of State.  The committee is required to meet in accordance with the Open Meetings Act.

Voting System Certification Committee – Current Members

  • Raja Sambandam, Designee for the Department of Information Technology 
  • Amanda Lopez Askin, Dona Ana County Clerk
  • Peggy Carabajal, Former Valencia County Clerk
  • Cara Cooke, Eddy County Chief Deputy
  • John Blair, Santa Fe City Manager, Former Deputy Secretary of State

Currently Certified Voting Systems

Voting systems used in New Mexico are required to be re-certified after each presidential election.  Any system not re-certified is deemed decertified and may not be used in the conduct of elections conducted pursuant to the New Mexico Election Code.

The following systems are certified for use in New Mexico:

 Dominion Democracy Suite 5.4

Dominion Democracy Suite 5.17s

Automated Election Systems Autovote Ballot Printing System

Robis Elections AskEd Ballot Printing System

Other Information

  • For Information on submitting your voting system for certification please visit our voting system certification information page.
  • Link to the US Election Assistance Commission’s Testing and Certification Program
  • Link to the most recent Voluntary Voting System Guidelines (VVSG)

Upcoming Statewide Elections

2024 General Election: Tuesday, November 5, 2024

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