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A notary public of the State of New Mexico is an official serving an important function. A notary serves as an impartial witness to the signatures on documents and the affixing of a notarial seal plays an important role in the prevention of fraud and protection of the parties involved.

All Notarial Officers (including Automatic Notarial Officers) are required to complete the Notary Education Course and exam, and are required to pass the exam with an 80% score or higher.  Requirements to be a Remote Online Notary (RON)  also require a separate training and exam.   National Notary Association is the approved provider for the training and exam for the New Mexico Secretary of State.  The links to the examinations and training are below.  Once the exam has been completed and your certificate is issued, please include the Certificate with your Application.  Please note that Automatic Notarial Officers have a ONE YEAR GRACE PERIOD to complete the Notary Education Course and exam upon the effective date of the law changes (6/16/2023).

New Mexico State Required Training and Exam:


New Mexico State-Required Remote Online Notary Training and Exam:

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