Safe at Home

Safe at Home

The Secretary of State’s Safe at Home program (formerly known as the Confidential Address Program) allows survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking to receive mail using the Secretary of State’s address as a substitute for their own, while keeping their actual address confidential.

The Safe at Home program has two components.

    1. The Secretary of State’s office provides survivors who have moved to a new location, unknown to their abuser/stalker, with a substitute address they can use when interacting with state and local agencies.
    2. Safe at Home program participants are provided with a first-class mail forwarding service.

The Safe at Home program helps survivors by denying abusers/stalkers the opportunity to use public records as a means to continue to abuse or stalk the participant.

The Secretary of State’s office collects mail for Safe at Home participants from an undisclosed P.O. Box and then forwards the mail on to the participant’s actual, private address.

When participants in the program enter into business relationships with state, city, and other agencies, the use of the fictitious address maintains the participant’s confidentiality. It also relieves those government agencies of the difficult and costly responsibilities of maintaining confidential records. In this way, Safe at Home participants are at a reduced risk from being tracked using public records.

And though it’s important, this confidential program is only one step in a long-term, personal security strategy. Survivors can receive help in developing their personal security strategy and finding resources and ideas at a domestic violence or sexual assault program in their area.

To learn more or to see if you qualify for the Safe at Home program, visit the “Safe At Home Eligibility & FAQs” page on our website. You can also call our office toll-free at 1-800-477-3632, email at, or send direct mail to P.O. Box 1888, Santa Fe, NM 87504.

If you are a representative of a government agency or a domestic violence advocacy organization and would like information on how your agency can become involved in the Safe at Home program or obtain information on working with Safe at Home participants, application packets to individual agencies or organizations are available. Please call our toll-free number, 1-800-477-3632, if you are interested.

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