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Lobbyist Registration

The Lobbyist Regulation Act (“Act”) requires any individual who is initially employed or retained as a lobbyist to file new or renewal lobbyist registration forms with the Office of the Secretary of State in the month of January or prior to lobbying.

All new and updated registration forms must be submitted prior to the start of the upcoming legislative session or prior to providing any lobbyist services to the employer. Additionally, if you are retained by subsequent employers during the session, or any time after your initial registration, you must file a supplemental registration form prior to commencing services.

The annual registration fee is $50.00 per employer, which must be paid at the time you file the registration or renewal form. Lobbyists who are not compensated by a lobbyist employer are not required to pay the registration fee. Additionally, it is important that you maintain current contact information in the Campaign Finance Information System (CFIS) so that you receive all future communication.

Lobbyist Registration & Renewal

First time or renewing lobbyists have the option to register electronically at  https://login.cfis.sos.state.nm.us/,  or by returning the Lobbyist Registration Form to our office.  We will have dedicated staff setup on the 3rd floor of the Capitol Annex during the first two weeks of the legislative session to expedite your walk-in paper renewal forms or you may mail them in.

Electronic Renewal: If you chose to register electronically, please login to CFIS with your existing username and password and click the ‘Registration Renewal’ button available on the Administration screen. During the electronic registration process, you will choose to ‘renew employment’ or ‘do not renew employment’ next to each employer. You may also add additional employers before submitting the registration form. Keep in mind that any new employer is required to submit an authorization form which authorizes you to lobby on their behalf. Payments may be made using credit card or electronic draft after completing the electronic renewal.

Paper Renewal: If you chose to register using the paper form, please make any necessary changes to your current list of employers and mail or drop off the form along with the appropriate filing fee to our office. For any employers not listed, you must submit a completed registration form and employer authorization form which can be found in the list of forms below. Once our office receives your paper registration, we will complete the electronic filing on your behalf.

Available Filing Forms:

Making An Online Payment For Registration Fees

All registration and renewal is completed via CFIS.

First Time Lobbyists:

The lobbyist and each lobbyist employer are required to file a registration form in CFIS before a lobbyist may begin lobbying.  After submitting an electronic registration, the SOS will review and approve the registration which will trigger a system generated email to complete the setup of the lobbyist system account and password.  A complete registration form with authorization forms from all lobbyist employers is required to be on file before a lobbyist may commence lobbying activities.

Renewing Lobbyists:

Once logged into CFIS, click the ‘Registration Renewal’ button on the Administration screen.  During the renewal process, the lobbyist is expected to choose ‘renew employment’ or ‘do not renew employment’ next to each employer.  The employer may also add additional employers as needed before submitting the registration form.  Keep in mind that if you add a new lobbyist employer, the employer is required to submit an electronic authorization form which authorized you to lobby on their behalf.

If you have questions, please contact the Bureau of Elections at (505) 827-3600 or via email at elections@sos.nm.gov.

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