Renewals can be submitted any time prior to the notary commission expiration date. If a renewal is submitted before the expiration date, the notary will retain the same month and day expiration, with a new 4-year date. If there is a lapse in renewal, a new expiration date will be established based on the date of approval.

Applicants who are renewing their commission do not need to retake the qualification course and exam (if taken after 01/01/2022) so long as their commission has not expired more than one year. The renewal application will require the original certificate of completion to be provided when filing.

Within 45 days of the notary application being approved the notary must purchase and provide proof of their official stamp by filing a Notary Public Stamp Registration. See Official Stamp Requirements by Type.

 If the stamp registration is not completed within45 days, the Secretary of State is required to refer the notary to the State Ethics Commission