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In 2021, the State of New Mexico enacted the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts, aka RULONA (Sections 14-14-A1 to 14-14A-32 NMSA 1978 ) This law requires the Office of the Secretary of State to provide training and examination with the law as well as for performing Remote Online Notarizations.

The following FAQ’s are meant to help new and existing Notaries to navigate the changes that are now in place under RULONA.  Please refer to the below links for the RULONA Statute and Notarial Procedures:

RULONA Statute

Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Act (RULONA) FAQs

Questions Answers
What is a Remote Online Notary (RON)? A remote online notary is a notarial officer who is approved by the Secretary of State to perform Remote Online Notarizations using communication technology to perform a notarization of an electronic record.
Do I have to be a Remote Online Notary (RON)? It is not a requirement to be a remote online notary, however if you wish to become one you must first be a commissioned notary public or Automatic Notarial Officer.
What is required to be a Remote Online Notary (RON)? Applicants must be an existing notary public or Automatic Notarial Officer. They will need to submit a separate application, take the Remote Online Notary Education course and exam, and submit their RON Official Stamp within 45 days of approval.
Do I have to keep a Journal as a Remote Online Notary (RON)? Yes. Click HERE for information on Journal requirements 
What is the application fee to be a Remote Online Notary (RON)? The application fee is $75. There is also a separate $30 fee for the training and exam that will be paid directly to the vendor.
Is there specific technology I must use when performing remote online notarizations? Yes, please refer to the notarial procedures above, 12.9.4 NMAC. A list of approved system providers can be found HERE.
Do I have to physically be in New Mexico to perform a RON? Yes, a notarial officer authorized to perform remote online notarizations must be physically located in the State of New Mexico at the time the notarial act takes place. NMAC
Do I have to properly identify the remotely located individual I am performing RON for? Yes, notary practices remain the same for remote online notarization. If you do not personally know the remotely located individual, you must reasonably verify their identity. NMAC
I have questions regarding RULONA. Please refer to RULONA FAQs


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