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Voting System Certification Information

Pursuant to Section 1-9-14 NMSA 1978, the Secretary of State (SOS) is required to provide for the testing and evaluation of voting systems used within polling places in New Mexico.  All certified voting systems are required to be tested by an independent authority and comply with all requirements in the Election Code and the most recent voluntary voting system guidelines (VVSG) adopted by the United States Election Assistance Commission (EAC).

Any person who has a voting system that is designed for the purpose of recording and tabulating votes within a polling place may apply on or before June 1 of any odd-numbered year to the secretary of state to have the equipment examined and tested for certification.

Additionally, pursuant to Section 1-9-7.4(A) NMSA 1978, the SOS is required to review and recertify each voting system already in use in the state in the year following a presidential election.

According to the Election Code, a “voting system” includes the equipment and peripherals used for casting and counting votes as well as the equipment and peripherals used for printing or marking ballots.  The full legal definition of voting system can be found in Section 1-9-1(B) NMSA 1978.

If you are interested in gaining either certification or recertification for your voting systems in the State of New Mexico, you must submit your application to the Office of the Secretary of State.  The application submitted must include detailed information regarding:

  1. The voting system and version that is being submitted for certification or recertification.
  2. A description of any modification to a hardware or software component or configuration of the voting system since the last time the system was certified for use in the state, if applicable.
  3. A description of how the system meets all of the applicable voting system requirements included in the New Mexico Election Code (see below).
  4. A copy of the most recent Voting System Testing Lab report on the system eligible for certification.  The report provided must come from an EAC accredited test laboratory.
  5. Proof of compliance with the most recent VVSG adopted by the EAC, if applicable.
  6. EAC certification status, if applicable.

If you intend to have multiple system models or firmware versions certified or recertified, please submit an application with the above details for each of the systems you would like to have certified.

The requirements for voting systems outlined in Article 9 of the Election Code can be found here:

NM Tabulator Requirements

NM Ballot Printing System Requirements

Please note, certification of voting systems never before used in New Mexico must be tested by an independent testing authority to ensure all statutory requirements are met by the system.  The costs of all independent testing must be covered by the vendor requesting certification.  More information regarding these testing requirements will be provided upon receipt of an application for certification.

Upon completion of an examination of all applications and test reports, the SOS shall make a written report and post the report and recertification materials on our website for a required 21 day public comment period.

Following the period of public comment, the SOS shall submit the reports and any public comments to the Voting System Certification Committee (VSCC) for their consideration.  The VSCC will review the materials and make a recommendation for certification.  If the VSCC does not recommend certification, an appeal process will be provided for by the SOS.  If the VSCC recommends certification, the SOS shall recertify the equipment for use in elections in this state.

More information about currently certified voting systems, voting systems currently being considered for certification, the VSCC, and its current membership can be found​ here.

For more information or to submit your application for certification or recertification, please contact the Office of the New Mexico Secretary of State at or by mail to:

Office of the New Mexico Secretary of State

Bureau of Elections

325 Don Gaspar, Suite 300

Santa Fe, NM 87501

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