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Know Before You Go – March 12 Filing Day

Important Times

Filing Hours: 9 AM – 5 PM*

* There will be NO filings processed prior to 9 AM and NO filings accepted after 5 PM. It is your responsibility to arrive with your filing documents in order – and with adequate time to fully complete the filing process between 9 AM and 5 PM.

Proper Filing Officer

You are required to file with their Proper Filing Officer. On March 12th, the majority of prospective candidates will file with the County Clerk** where they are registered to vote.

To avoid delays in your filing process:  BE CERTAIN OF YOUR PROPER FILING OFFICER BEFORE GOING TO FILE. If you have any questions, please contact the Secretary of State’s office or your county clerk’s office.

*If a candidate filed with the Secretary of State on the February 6th Filing Day and failed to receive their party’s designation, they have the option to file a new declaration of candidacy and additional nominating petitions (to meet the 4% signature threshold).

NOTE: Only candidates who filed with the SOS on February 6th, met all statutory qualifications, and failed to receive party designation are eligible to return to file with the SOS on March 12th.

Major Parties in New Mexico

  • Democratic
  • Libertarian
  • Republican

Offices Filing on March 12th

Major Party Candidates for:

  • State Senate
  • State Representative
  • Public Education Commission
  • District Attorney
  • District Court Judge
  • Metropolitan Court Judge
  • Magistrate Court Judge
  • County Clerk
  • County Treasurer
  • County Commissioner
  • County Councilor
  • County Sheriff
  • County Assessor
  • Probate Judge
  • Candidates that did not receive their party’s designation at their pre-primary convention (see note above, under proper filing officer)

Please see the 2024 candidate guide to determine your appropriate filing date and proper filing officer.

General Reminders

    • Pre-print any online nominating petition pages: If you used the Secretary of State’s online nominating petition portal, please remember to download and print your signature pages BEFORE filing your declaration of candidacy.
      • All nominating petition pages – whether they were gathered electronically or via paper forms – will need to be submitted along with your declaration of candidacy at the time of filing. Filing officers will have the ability to print online nominating petition pages on your behalf for a nominal fee.
      • Depending on the number of filers and system limitations, this could dramatically increase the time it takes to complete your filing.
    • Have all documents ready: Candidates are responsible for ensuring their filing paperwork is complete and in order. Although services might be available onsite to help look up or address missing or incomplete documents, it’s advised that you review your documents and address any errors prior to filing day.
    • Know your voter number: Check the “Find My Registration and Election Information” section of to find your voter number. Having this available will help staff quickly and accurately add you to your contest.

    Important Document Reminders:

    Declaration of Candidacy

    • Review your voter record at and compare it to the information on your Declaration of Candidacy; the information on your Declaration must be identical to your voter registration, pay special attention to the following areas:
      • Name
      • Address
      • Precinct Number
      • Party of Registration
      • Office Sought
    • Changes to registration must have been made on or before January 29, 2024, pursuant to 1-10-6(A) NMSA 1978.
    • The contest specified on your Declaration of Candidacy must be specific to the district in which you are running (i.e. State Senate District 12).
    • Declaration of Candidacy must be notarized.

    Campaign Finance Information

    • All candidates who file with their county clerk will have a reporting requirement under the Campaign Reporting Act (CRA) and MUST have an active Candidate Campaign Committee Registration in the Campaign Finance Information System (CFIS).
      • Best practice: Bring a copy of your “Candidate Campaign Committee Registration” form when you file your declaration of candidacy. This “form” can be downloaded from your CFIS account and helps facilitate a smooth filing process.
      • Reminders:
        • Candidates are required to file associated reports or statements of no activity; the first Primary report will be due on April 8, 2024.
        • Any candidate who fails or refuses to file a report of expenditures and contributions or statement of no activity, or to pay a penalty imposed by the SOS as required by the CRA, shall not have their name printed on the ballot if the violation occurs before and through the final date for the withdrawal of candidates. (1-19-35(F)(1), NMSA 1978)

    Financial Disclosure Statements (Legislative Candidates ONLY)

    • Legislative candidates are required to have a Financial Disclosure State (FDS) on file. This can be done in the Campaign Finance Information System (CFIS).
    • Unless you already have an FDS on file for 2024, you will need to create an account and file the report.
      • Best practice: Bring a copy of your “Financial Disclosure Statement” form when you file your declaration of candidacy. This “form” can be downloaded from your CFIS account and helps facilitate a smooth filing process.
      • Reminder: Candidates who are required to file an FDS and fail to file (or refuse to file) will not be qualified as a candidate, pursuant to 10-16A-3(F), NMSA 1978.

    Affidavit of Designation (if applicable)

    • If you will be designating an individual to file on your behalf, they must bring with them an Affidavit of Designation.
    • Reminder: The designee will NOT be able to make any changes on behalf of the candidate, as this document requires notarization.

    Public Official Address Confidentiality Request

    • The alternate address supplied on this form will be entered into the system, and should you be qualified, you will remain eligible to have your address designated as confidential until the election.
      • If you win your election, your address will remain confidential for 2 years.
      • If you lose your election, your confidential address designation will be removed.
    • If you are disqualified, your confidential address designation will be removed.

    Upcoming Statewide Elections

    2024 Primary Election: Tuesday, June 4, 2024 

    2024 General Election:  Tuesday, November 5, 2024

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