28 August 2020

Alex Curtas, Director of Communications
New Mexico Secretary of State’s Office

Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver Announces Opening of Online Absentee Ballot Request Portal for the 2020 General Election

All Registered Voters in New Mexico can Vote Using an Absentee Ballot 

SANTA FE – As of today, registered voters in New Mexico can begin using the Secretary of State’s online absentee ballot request portal to apply for an absentee ballot for the November 3rd General Election. New Mexico is a “no-excuse” absentee ballot state, meaning that any registered voter is able to apply for, receive, and vote with an absentee ballot.

“Voting by absentee ballot is a safe and secure way to make your voice heard in November while also protecting your health and the health of your community,” said Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver. “The COVID-19 crisis is sadly still with us, but New Mexico’s election administrators are prepared and are providing a number of ways for voters to cast their ballot, whether by mailing an absentee ballot, dropping your completed absentee ballot off with your County Clerk or designated drop location, or by voting in-person during Early Voting or on Election Day.”

Voters in New Mexico have already been able to apply for an absentee ballot directly through their County Clerk by submitting a paper form, but the online application process is another convenient option for any voter who chooses to use it.

Voters should know that regardless of when they applied for their absentee ballot, October 6th is the first day County Clerks can send out absentee ballots to those who have requested them. October 20th is the last day for voters to request an absentee ballot for the General Election, and it is suggested that voters mail back their completed absentee ballot no later than October 27th in order for it to be received by their County Clerk before 7:00pm on November 3rd. (New Mexico is not a “postmark” state, so County Clerks cannot accept any mailed ballots that arrive after 7:00pm on November 3rd, no matter when they were put in the mail.)

Voters should also know that if their absentee ballot is not completed correctly, a notification with the reason why the absentee ballot was not accepted will be sent by the County Clerk to that voter within 24 hours of receiving it. That notification will include instructions on how the voter can remedy whatever discrepancy led to their ballot not being accepted.

Intelligent mail barcodes are now being used for all mailed ballots to better inform voters about the status and location of their ballot. Voters can confirm  at whether their application was received by the County Clerk and whether it was accepted. In addition, they may confirm the current delivery status of their ballot, and, ultimately, whether or not their ballot has been received back by the County Clerk.

Early voting locations open in each county beginning on Saturday, October 17th and continue through Saturday, October 31st. Election Day is Tuesday, November 3rd with in-person polling locations open in each county from 7:00am to 7:00pm.


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