30 July 2020

Alex Curtas, Director of Communications
New Mexico Secretary of State’s Office

Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver Releases Statement on President Trump’s Suggestion to Delay the November General Election

SANTA FE – New Mexico Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver released the following statement in response to a tweet by President Trump today in which he suggested delaying the November General Election using false claims about the security of mail-in voting:

“Let me be clear: the 2020 General Election in November will not be delayed as President Trump suggested today. Though we are in the midst of a pandemic, the regular functioning of our democracy can and will continue, despite the President’s harmful political rhetoric. His claims that mail voting leads to fraud or inaccuracy in vote counts are categorically false. Voters should get their election information from trusted sources like county clerks and secretaries of state. We have conducted safe and secure elections during past crises like the Spanish Flu pandemic, the two world wars, and even during the American Civil War. New Mexico’s election administrators are fully prepared to conduct an efficient and fair election in November that will protect public health while allowing for a variety of secure voting options. The best thing that voters can do to prepare for the General Election that will happen on November 3rd is to check to make sure they are registered to vote or update their registration. And then, make your voice heard on November 3rd by casting a ballot either in person or through the mail.”