28 February 2023

Alex Curtas, Director of Communications
New Mexico Secretary of State’s Office

Secretary of State’s Office Announces Updated Uniform Commercial Code and Agricultural Lien Filings System

SANTA FE – The New Mexico Secretary of State’s Office today announced the launch of an updated online filing system for Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and Agricultural Lien filings, offering an array of new features and enhanced benefits to our valued customers. The updated filing system will be accessible at this link:

NOTE: The updated filing system for Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and Agricultural Lien filings will go live and begin functioning on March 4, 2024.

Important Prepaid Account Changes

As part of the system update, we would also like to inform our customers that prepaid accounts will no longer be utilized. Payments for each filing will now be made directly, eliminating the separation of payments and submissions. This streamlined payment process ensures a more seamless experience for all users.

Please note that if you currently have a balance in your Prepaid Account, you will need to request a refund, as balances cannot be applied to payments in the new system. To initiate a refund request, please email or use the Refund Request Form available on our website.

The Secretary of State’s Office is transitioning to a new online filing system called SOS Enterprise that has an API gateway for XML Bulk Filings. The new system will have Frequent Payer Accounts for payment of UCC Bulk Filings. We are providing access to the Help Guides for both the new filing platform as well as the payment method for bulk filings.

If you currently have a Prepaid Account with us, you may request a transfer of your account balance to the new system. If you prefer, you can request a refund of your prepaid account balance.

If you are using your prepaid account for business filings in the Business Filing System (BFS), you can continue to use that prepaid account for that purpose until the transition of business filings later in 2024.

These system updates represent our ongoing commitment to improving efficiency and user experience for all of our customers. We appreciate your continued support and patience during this transition. For any inquiries or assistance, please contact our Business Services team at or visit our website at

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